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    FedEx Sucks!

    Now, to be fair, every delivery company (USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx) sucks in some way. USPS won't deliver packages to our house, they always leave a "Sorry we missed you!" notice in the mailbox. When I fill it out for them to redeliver, they insist that I sign for them to just leave it (I want to receive the package in person). UPS will just drop and run, I can be waiting all day, give up, then find the package sitting on the hood of our car soaking wet (because it rained that day). DHL wants to leave small packages in our mailbox (my wife told them it was ok when they called, but I believe it's against the law regardless). But, at least I can get my packages. FedEx has been nothing but a nightmare.

    Here's what's happened so far, in chronological order.

    070646365160097, 070646365160073, 070646365160066, and 070646365160080 Scheduled for delivery July 26th, actually received that day! I got a call from the local office and from the driver early in the morning (due to bad cell service and no landline at the time, I didn't call back until later when I got the voicemail notification). Gave directions, driver showed up and delivered the packages. I now suspect I got these on-time due to them being four rather large packages (fyi, they were four litter robots, I'm not kidding about the boxes being quite big).

    291013820841173 Should have been delivered Auguest 25th, a Saturday. Had to call and give directions. Had to wait an extra three days to get package on Tuesday, August 28th.

    729445710706848 Should have been delivered September 22nd, once status changed to "Incorrect address - Street name", we called toll-free number and were told we'd get a call back soon. We did not, I searched our call history and found the number of the delivery man when he called us for the first delivery of four packages (that arrived on time). Package was time-sensitive, could not wait another three days (this was Saturday, next attempt would have been on Tuesday). Had to meet delivery man approximately 40 miles away to get package. I asked why we were no longer called when they had a package for us that they didn't know how to deliver, was told they didn't have our phone number, I then pointed out our phone number on the address label.

    939465844162 Ok, this one they did ok on. Shipped out on Friday December 7th via 2-day delivery, got here the next Monday December 10th, a day early. Good thing I was already home waiting on the package below, which didn't arrive until the next day (total of two days late).

    091993416207199 Have not received yet, supposed to have been delivered December 7th, no delivery, no calls. Called toll-free number and confirmed address is correct and gave directions again. Online tracking states it should be redelivered December 10th. We've been lead to believe that only one driver comes out to this area we live in (who does FedEx Home, Tues-Saturday), so most likely the earliest we will receive this will be the 11th, if we're lucky. **Update** I did receive this package, as I suspected it was not received until the 11th.

    558581961941066 Supposed to have been delivered December 7th, no delivery, called toll-free number and confirmed address is correct and gave directions again. Received call at 6:35AM Saturday, December 8th, from local office stating that the driver needed directions, gave directions again. Driver never showed or called. I called the toll-free number again, they only stated that I could try to call back Tuesday. Tuesday rolls around, it's on the truck again. I call and they confirm it will be delivered. Another package from FedEx arrives, around 4:30PM I call the FedEx toll-free number, they say they can't get in touch with the local terminal. I contact ClubIT (where I purchased the item, they're the ones that shipped this package) hoping they can get something accomplished on their end. They call back a while later and said they were told it should be here by 8PM. Shortly after 7PM the status on the FedEx site was updated to "Customer not available or business closed" even though my wife and myself had been home the entire day waiting for this package. Today, Wednesday, I call the terminal, the driver, and send an email to FedEx. I finally received my package today. At least FedEx knocked before they ran off (I can't believe they wouldn't want a signature on a $250 processor, oh well).

    Now, I expected some difficulties the first couple times I had a package delivered. It's a new address that's not in their system yet. However it's been over four and a half months since the first package they delivered, that should be plenty of time to update their system. UPS has had no problems finding us since about the second package. DHL called the first time, and they also called just the other day to get directions, other times they find us fine (at least they call if they don't know how to get here). FedEx, especially their Home service, continues to have problems finding us.

    12/13/2007 Update: FedEx found us today, however the package wasn't for us! There were two address labels on the package, neither had our name or address on it. There was a regular piece of paper taped to the side that had our address on it. Maybe they're just giving their drivers some practice runs? Unfortunately this was FedEx Ground, while they've had some problems finding us it's FedEx Home that needs the most help. Give the Home delivery guy some extra practice. Luckily I happened to be home when they arrived, else there would have been more phone calls trying to get rid of this package. That or we'd just enjoy our new set of cookware.

    961240901040 Scheduled for delivery Friday Februrary 8. Online tracking shows yet another Delivery exception, Incorrect address. Someone does call, I think it's the ground driver since no exception is shown for the package. I end up being wrong, it was the delivery guy for this package who called. It shows up shortly before 2:30PM, all is well. BTW this guy has delivered to our house before, I'm not sure why sometimes they can deliver ok but the next time they can't, but at least he called.
    An important package that I needed before the weekend, which is why I had it sent 2-Day instead of ground. Of course if it doesn't show today, Monday is the earliest I'll get it (and based on past experience, I'd be lucky to get it Monday). FedEx has trained me to keep checking the status multiple times an hour, just because it's been rescheduled several times for delivery is no guarantee. So I check and around 11:30 there's a Delivery exception that says Incorrect address. I call the toll-free number again, they verify the address, then ask for directions. I ask (again) how many times do I have to go through this, as I've given directions many many times, even had someone at the hub call me for directions (even gave them gps coordinates). The lady says she'll have the local office call me. Doesn't even get directions from me. We'll see how this turns out.

    109142430177188 Scheduled for delivery Friday, February 8. Around 3PM I get yet ANOTHER Delivery Exception, Incorrect address on the tracking info. I call and find out the driver has already returned to the terminal. Now, why did the package above say incorrect address so early (even through the driver did call and get directions), and this one doesn't say that until after the guy has returned? Gee thanks for telling me there's a problem AFTER there's not a darned thing I can do to get it delivered that day. So I can either drive all the way to Chattanooga (it's easily an hour drive to that terminal), or just wait until Monday. Well our son's sick, so I can't just take everyone to Chattanooga and have a nice outing, trying to keep the whole day from being wasted. I decide to just wait, the package is important but not THAT important. Also when I called, I asked (again) what I can do to fix this issue they have with finding my house. The lady says something to the effect of our address must just be hard to find, I reply saying "So the only way to get our FedEx packages on time is to move to a different address?" She chuckles a bit and ends up getting her manager on the phone. I know she was just trying to be helpful, I'm not upset at what she said, in fact I'm thinking maybe that is the only way to get our packages delivered consistently and on time. Their new slogan: FedEx: if we can't find you, just move.

    967074914306 Scheduled for delivery Monday, February 11. No real complaint, but a suggestion nonetheless. If you check two packages above (961240901040), you'll see that they both left Indianapolis and arrived at Nashville at the same time, so obviously on the same truck. However the first package was sent out (though later had problems, see above), while this package is still sitting at the hub. If two packages are on the same truck, why not just put them both on the same delivery truck instead of holding one since it's not due yet? Make one trip instead of two. Actually in this case it'd be making one trip instead of three (the 2-Day package was on one delivery truck but they said it was an incorrect address, the ground package is on another truck and that guy called to get directions, and this package was sent 3-Day [Express Saver] and will be sent out some time Monday). I'll be sure to update if this package has problems getting to us on Monday.

    Oh, did I mention, FedEx Sucks!


    For anyone in the Chattanooga area having problems with FedEx, here's some numbers I have:

    423-296-0253 FedEx Home, very hard to get hold of, open Tuesday-Saturday, usually get an answering machine (just keep calling, they don't return calls)
    423-892-0160 FedEx Ground (regular ground packages only)
    423-553-8600 FedEx Express (including 2-Day delivery)
    423-802-8086 One of the FedEx Home drivers, he's given us the most problems with delivery. Delivers in Dunlap, not sure where else
    423-785-7159 One of the FedEx Ground drivers, he delivers in Dunlap, not sure where else

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